TEXES on Gemini in 2014B
TEXES will be available at Gemini North likely Aug 7-17 of 2014B. Proposals are due 31 Mar 2014. Collaborative proposals to use TEXES are welcome from the entire astronomical community. Please communicate with at least one of us below if you are interested.

Note that Matt Richter will be preparing EXES for installation on SOFIA scheduled for Mar 31. We ask that all potential collaborators be aware of this conflict and try to work on proposals early.

TEXES on IRTF in 2014A
We had two runs approved in 2014A on the IRTF. The first just completed (Feb 13-25) and suffered some cloudly nights, but acquired much data. A second run is scheduled for Jun 23 through July 9 and includes considerable daytime observing.

TEXES/Gemini 2013B Call for Proposals
In response to TEXES/Gemini call for proposals, 22 proposals were submitted requesting over 30 nights of time. There were 21 separate PIs and 40 separate Co-Is. Projects ranged from study of comets to ionized gas in external galaxies. The majority of the proposals were to study aspects of Star Formation. Results are expected early to mid June.

Future Use of TEXES
TEXES will be available at Gemini-North in 2014B. It may be available at IRTF in 2014B, as well. It should be available in 2015A at IRTF.

last updated 4 Mar 2014