What is TEXES?
TEXES is designed for high spectral resolution in the mid-infrared(5-25 μm). It is based on an idea by A. A. Michelson in 1898.

TEXES is a visitor instrument designed and built by Prof John Lacy at UT Austin with help from Matt Richter (UCD) and Tommy Greathouse (SWRI). TEXES lives on Mauna Kea and is regularly used at NASA's IRTF and, more occasionally, at Gemini-North.

For 2014A, we have 2 observing runs on the IRTF: Feb and late June/July.

For 2014B, TEXES will be available on Gemini North roughly around Aug 7 to 17. Please contact the TEXES team early regarding proposal ideas.

Gemini with TEXES

TEXES on Gemini

Operating modes:
  • High Resolution
    (cross-dispersed with a resolving power of R = λ/δλ ≈ 100,000 and 0.5 percent spectral coverage)

  • Medium Resolution
    (long slit with R ≈ 15,000 and 0.5 percent coverage)

  • Low Resolution
    (long slit with λδ ≈ 0.004 μm and 0.20 micron coverage)